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5 Must-have Tools for your Social Media Business Management

Tools used for social media are a lot. But people don’t know about these social media tools. Without any doubt, having a presence on Social Media is important if you have just started your Business. Before having a social media presence, you should know what are you trying to achieve here. It’s pointless if you are unaware of what you want or which audience you want to reach.

With great number of social media management and marketing tools, it’s difficult to choose the right tools. Here we have gathered a list of best tools available to smoothly run your business on social media.

1.  Leadzpipe– The Tool for managing your Leads on Social Media Ad Management

Leadzpipe is a Lead Management Tool that helps you with analysing your leads generated from social media platforms. It sync all your Business leads from Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads. This tool provides you with a real time notification of a new lead. Due to this, it gives you the benefit to get in touch with your leads in the turn helping you grow your business.

Leadzpipe even tracks UTM source so you get to know which keywords and which Social Media platforms generate the best leads for your Business. This Tool also syncs your leads and automates CRM integration in a single click!

2.  Sprout Social- To help you with Reporting, Content Curation

Sprout Social studies your followers which can help you understand and improve your social media marketing campaigns. This Tool shows statistics of each and every post. It distributes your social media accounts in a single-stream Smart Inbox. This inbox is filled with features such as tags and also hides those items that you already have replied to or handled. This tool also has a keyword monitoring feature that you can use to improve your Brands presence on Social Media.

3. HootSuite- Social Media profile management tool

HootSuite is by far the most used Tool with over 15 million users and probably used by 800 of the Fortune 1000 companies. This tool is a must for all your social media marketing platforms for Business. Here you can schedule your marketing posts weeks or months in advance. The Tool’s also show you which campaigns are working effectively which can be used to calculate your ROI. This tool also shows mentions of your Brand on social media and you can decide to approve or reject it. The Tool also provides you with features to guard and protect your Social Media Business Account from hackers.

4. TweetDeck- For managing your Business Accounts on Twitter

If Twitter is the Breadwinner of your Business, then TweetDeck  is a must have Tool for you. If you have multiple Business Twitter accounts, you can manage them all from this single Tool.  It shows every mentions of your Business on Twitter. It also shows users trying to get in touch with your Business or even sharing your content; all in a single dashboard. This Tool helps you in saving your time massively while managing Twitter accounts.

Though TweetDeck may lack the All-in-One features for a social media Tool you might be looking for. But it is the Tool you must have if your managing multiple Twitter accounts where live conversations and instant replies are important for a Business’ success.

5. Wave Video- The Free Video maker to attract users to your Business

No matter what Business you’re in, if you haven’t considered Video Marketing as something important, it’s time you do. If you are not using this for your Business growth on Social Media, you are not leveraging your invested funds. Facebook has seen a huge 258% hike whereas YouTube has seen 99% increase in branded video views from 2016 to 2017.

Video marketing has proven to be profitable because of its capability to connect with the teenagers .This helps Businesses to connect with the growing audience. The online Video making Tool- Wave Video is just so simple to use and integrates with hundreds of stock audio and high quality videos you can choose from. You can also upload your own videos too! The Tool helps you to trim or add content to it. You can add text, your brand logo, graphics, watermarks, call to action engage users. Did we mention music and sound effects too? And after you’ve made the amazing video, you can export to your platform and Wave Video crops and resizes the video to perfectly suit the platform. 


Business Tools available for optimizing Business on Social Media is huge. But we have mentioned the ones that a Business finds most helpful. You may agree or disagree with this list depending on your needs, but we hope that we have helped at least a few Businesses out there! Also, check out the blog The Ultimate Guide for Quality Lead Generation if you’re still unable to get the best results with your Business on Social Media platforms.

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