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Is your Lead Generation Data spread across multiple Tools?

All-in-one lead management tool is important for efficient advertising. As business grows, data collection and data handling also increases. Due to this reason handling data becomes hard. This problem can be solve using Lead Management Tools.

Here are a couple of Tools that Digital Marketers use for performing specific functions on their data:

1.  CSV Files for New Business Leads

When running campaigns on Facebook, Google, all your data is in CSV files. You have to download the file every time to update the new leads.  For better Lead generation and management, you are bound to download those files and check for any new leads. It also fails to notify of new leads. Due to this reason the gap between the potential lead and the moment you contact them expands.

The chances of lead entering the sales process, are 21 times greater when contacted within five minutes of submitting their details.

Thus maintaining only CSV files for your leads does not fulfil your purpose of having a good CRM. (You don’t deserve this stress but a better Digital Tool, don’t you?)
So here comes a Tool-

Leadzpipe – All-in-one Lead management Tool

Leadzpipe is a Lead Management Tool that gets rid of all the other Management tools. All you your needs on a single platform. This tool doesn’t require any CSV Files, Mailchimp, Zapier, etc.

Leads from Facebook Ads, Google Ads synced in Leadzpipe in real time. It wipes out the need for regular CSV file downloads as it automates the lead updating process.

It notifies you in real time when of a new lead and instantly sends a Welcome Email. This instant email helps you increase your Lead Conversion ratio. Due to this you can reduce your lead contact time. This tool also updates the source of the lead along with campaign name. This helping you analyse which are best performing Ads and optimize accordingly. Gaining knowledge of where the lead came from also helps you prepare your first impression with the lead.

Leadzpipe can also connect your CRM with your Facebook and Google Ads. It exports all your lead data in your CRM in real time. Leadzpipe also offers other features such as helping you analyse your Ads performance, keep a track on your Ads campaign spending, CPL, CPC etc. This tool also highlights which keywords are performing better than the rest.

Mailchimp for personalised Emails

When marketers collect data in CSV files, they have to download Mailchimp to create and send personalized emails to those leads. MailChimp also has predesigned templates and also gives you the freedom to design your own custom template.

Instead of Mailchimp, go for all-in-one Lead Management Tool like Leadzpipe. This digital Tool keeps a track on subscribers, build custom reports. It also studies CTR and success rates, and also track emails.

But it becomes difficult to manage your CSV files and mailchimp both. It also gets boring, doesn’t it?  But, you go for another tool- 

Zapier for App Sync

Zapier is used for automating business task. It helps you in moving information between emails, syncs with your CRM. Hence helping you focus on other important things. For example, joining Facebook Lead Ads with Zapier automates lead download.

Zoho CRM for Lead Management

Zoho CRM helps manage leads, identify leads that will convert, and follow ups. 

This digital Tool also tracks the current stage of the deal. Zoho CRM also manages the performance of every sales activity. It also allocates achievable targets with reports, analytics, and calculations.


All this adds up to all the tools you need to carry out your online marketing efficiently. Now there is not need to maintain csv files. No more waste of time and money now. No more training employees for using all these tools. By using these tools its guaranteed to give you the results. Using your time in useful things is important than downloading files and updating them.

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