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A highly converting landing page is necessary for every business nowadays. The K.I.S.S. principle K.I.S.S. stands for “Keep It Simple, Stupid.”  A landing page definitely should be engaging and at the same time, simple short too.

Microsoft found that since the mobile revolution, or rather since 2000, the average attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to eight seconds. So make sure your landing page conveys the message in just a few highlighted words for it to be highly converting.

  • Write the benefits/descriptions about your offering in bullet points instead of long paragraphs
  • Do not divert from your topic
  • Do not mix multiple topics on a single landing page
  • Use a remarkable landing page copy that explains the benefits users get from your offering.
  • Your call-to-action has to be in a contrasting colour combination.

1. That Appealing Headline on your Landing Page which says “You got to click on the CTA button” 

Even though people have landed on your landing page after viewing your Ad, you merely have 3 seconds that will make or break a lead. Studies have found that people take up to 3 seconds to decide whether they wish to give in their details or not. Your headline is noticed first by the user and a big portion of 3 seconds are spent on that headline; and hence, your headline will make or break a lead. It’ll take them merely couple of seconds for them to decide if they want to stay on your landing page and fill in their details or go back to what they were doing

Have a look at Shutterstock home page which is their landing page too. The headline directly is making an offering of 10 free images which is surely tempting enough to make users sign up for the free trial. Use just a few words rather than essays for your headlines; shouldn’t be more than 10 words. your headline is witty, humorous or even makes a drooling offer, users are bound to stay on the landing page and hit the CTA making your landing page highly converting.

2. A charming offering with a deadline to create urgency is highly converting.

Although we want to have it otherwise, users are procrastinators. They want to wait until the last minute. They need time to rationalize and make a decision. Frankly, that’s not only our prospects, that is something we often do to. No matter how badly we want the product, we still wait sometimes because we want to “think over it once before the final purchase”.  Your landing page better not fall in this “thinking” trap and hence, we ask you to make a sense of urgency on your landing page for it to be highly converting

This offer made by Zenrooms is a perfect example for a highly converting landing page depicting urgency. It’s urging users to book before the sale ends at midnight. The taglines are making a sense of urgency to book before sale ends and the CTA, very well in contrast colour with the background, asks the users to “Book Now!” The landing page, though simple and small, is tempting enough to make the users sign up for it making it highly converting.

A few urgency examples you can use on your highly converting landing page:
• Do not miss out! Just 1 hour left before the offer ends!
• Get your high volume of lead NOW!
• Buy it now; avoid the next week’s increased price
• Only 6 rooms left

3. Your CTA (Call-to-Action) should be highlighted enough on the Landing Page

Your CTA is basically what you want users to do when they land on your landing page. It can be subscribing to a newsletter, signing up for a free trial, download the eBook or read an article. For your landing page to be highly converting, ask for it openly and clearly. Do not beat around the bush. Have only 1 CTA on your landing page. If you have multiple CTAs, it is going to just distract your users and they might just leave without clicking on any CTA.

Keep these points in mind for a CTA to design the best landing page

  • Your CTA should be distinguishably identifiable. It shouldn’t make users guess where they’re supposed to click.
  • Your CTA should be a self-explaining looking button.
  • If you have content below the CTA, repeat the CTA. Always make it easy and compelling for the user to take the action you desire.
  • Use appropriate and contrast colour combinations.
    Have a look call to action examples for a few more examples. It has a perfect combination of everything stated above making it highly converting landing page.

4. Have a clear meaning on your fascinating landing page of how your offering will make their life better 

It is believed that businesses describe what they are offering and why they are offering it to the users on the landing page. But instead, for your landing page should be highly converting, it should clearly state how easy/better or how the user’s problems will be solved if they accept your offering. And it’s best if you state it from the customer’s point of view landing you with higher conversions.
You are required to just show a glimpse on your landing page about:

  • A list of features about your product or service
  • List the benefits and how it will help the user
  • How the visitor can avoid misery by using your product/service

5. For it to be highly converting, your landing page should load within 3 seconds

Ubounce says that 70% of consumers admit that loading time influences their desire to buy. If your page takes more than 3 seconds to load on a mobile device, you’re going to lose a lot of potential customers. As we discussed above how minimal the attention span is, so is patience. If your landing page takes a while to load, be ready to say goodbye to a few prospects

6. The power of white space in a hyper converting landing page

Avoid chaos on your landing page. The page layout should be clean and minimalistic as it avoids users from getting distracted by multiple elements. White spaces allow users to focus on your offering and the CTA giving you with high conversions.

Many digital marketers are in the mindset that they need to showcase tons of features, testimonials, prices and everything they can about the product on the landing page. It is not so. By seeing so much text users will just click away. Of course you can add a point or two but make sure your content has enough breathing space on the landing page.

7. The F pattern Layout

The F reading pattern for a hyper converting landing page, Leadzpipe

The F reading pattern for a hyper converting landing page, Leadzpipe

The highlighted areas marked above show which areas are clicked most by the users. Users often read in in the F pattern . They start from top left shifting to the right; then go below to the left side again shifting to right and then go back left and keep scrolling down.  So make sure your headlines, CTA and short description on the landing page are designed in a similar manner for them to have a smooth process giving you high conversions

8. The Z pattern Layout  

The Z reading pattern for a hyper converting landing page, Leadzpipe

Another reading pattern observed by scientists is the Z pattern. Facebook has its landing/welcome page designed similarly. In the image above you can see the directions in which a users eyes scroll.

It is advised you also use either F or Z pattern for your landing page to be  highly converting!

And now that you have designed a landing page that is highly converting, how do manage those leads? If you take more than 5 minutes to contact your leads, show that there is an 80% decrease in lead qualification.
Hence, we ask you to sync to Leadzpipe.
Leadzpipe is the lead generation tool which can be synced to your marketing campaigns and it notifies you in real time for you to contact your leads quickly and have the highest conversion
We’d just like to say that be clear of what you’re offering; but that does not mean you bombard them with information. Be crisp of what you want the users to do on your landing page and at the same time, make it easy and simple for them to do so too for your landing page to be highly converting!

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