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Digital Marketing – A Powerful Tool for Real Estate

Digital marketing for real estate is a growing industry in 2021. The Indian Real Estate Industry has developed a lot. Now buyers do a lot of online search before purchase. More than 460 million Indians use the internet today. It is the second-largest internet market in the world and the number has been rising.

80% of the Real Estate buyers use the internet in search of Projects, Dealers, Brokers, etc. Making Digital Marketing the best part for the Real Estate Industry.

The recent trends in Real Estate make it compulsory to have an online presence with a mixture of Digital Marketing. In 2015, Real Estate statistics showed a 25 percent increase in marketing spends across the sector. An estimate of 600 crores were spent on digital marketing for real estate. The Real Estate dealers miss out on huge revenues if they don’t have an online presence.

digital marketing for real estate in the year 2018 to 2021
Why is Digital Marketing a must for Real Estate?

Buyers look for a personal buying experience when it comes to high value products. Specially in the case of Real Estate. Property photos, videos, 360-degree views, gives the viewers a preview of the Real Estate before actually visiting it. According to a study, 83% of Real Estate buyers see pictures of the property online.

Apart from that, the most important factor that makes online marketing in Real Estate must; is its accuracy in providing leads at cheap prices.

Real Estate Industries can reach out to its target audience by many channels, few include:

  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  • Email Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Social Media Marketing
Digital Marketing Benefits for Real Estate 
  • Buyers – Gives more choices than ever before.
  • Realtors – Calculate Real Estate Return on Investment (ROI). Keeps a count on each rupee spent and also targets leads most relevant to your ads.

Let us understand how does Digital Marketing help your Real Estate Business:

Improves Brand Visibility: An online presence helps you build your brand and reputation.

Cost-efficient: Its very cheaper than other types of advertising. Sometimes can be even free and also provides a great returns.

Boosts Website Traffic:  It allows you to reach a wider audience with the option to customize audiences.

Now let us understand some of the Digital Marketing Strategies Real Estate can adopt to make most of their marketing.

1. Personalized emails for Real estate buyers

Email is a tool that can help you connect with new clients and stay in touch with old ones. It is the best ways to increase revenue. Also, leads that have shown interest in your ads can be sent relevant information by email. It is also a important way to keep leads engaged and updated.

The average open rate of emails for Real Estate businesses is around 27%. But if your email is targeted to customers with accuracy, there are higher chances of opening your email. To know which Tool to use to for Email Marketing, check out the Blog on Mailchimp vs Constant Contact.

2. Rank higher in SEO with Blogs

Real Estate websites that use blogs have shown to have 434% more indexed pages. This can help them to achieve better SEO. Blogs, thus are a remarkable way of levelling-up your SEO. It can also build a positive digital presence, and provide your clients with insights about your Real Estate Organisation and the property. It is also vital to write Blogs with content that helps buyers and sellers look for answers to their questions.

3. User-Friendly Website for a better experience

How many times have you close a website because it wouldn’t load fast? With many photos and videos, Real Estate websites can sometimes be terrible. Some help from professional web designers can create a responsive website according to client needs. A device friendly website is enough to keep customers waiting on the website for more time. 52% of searching is done by mobile phones. Hence it is must to have a mobile-friendly website.

4. Pay-Per-Click Advertising for best results

Pay-Per-Click Advertising is a great Digital Marketing option for Real Estate Professionals. In this type of advertising you are only required to pay when someone clicks through your ad. This can be used when seeking genuinely interested people. Also, your Real Estate PPC ads can be targeted towards individuals who search for related keywords in search engines.

5. Digital Storytelling – the next big thing

Users prefer watching short, compared to reading long, boring paragraphs. Apart from YouTube, Facebook Watch has attracted 720 million Indians monthly spending at least one minute on the feature. This is the reason you should leverage Real Estate Digital Storytelling as a part of your digital campaign. This strategy will definitely help you to engage leads.

6. Virtual Tours that gives users a personal experience

Virtual tours of a Real Estate are incredible pieces of content. These content also help a potential client get an idea of what a property actually offers. As a Real Estate Professional, your job is to make the home buying journey easy for your clients.  This can achieved by the Virtual Tour.

7. Facebook Ads for Real Estate

When we talk about Digital Marketing, how can we not talk about Facebook Ads? It provides the Real Estate marketer with cost-efficient, effective ads coupled with the option of choosing your target audience. It also shows the successful campaigns.

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