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How to optimize Facebook Lead Ads for high volume leads

High volume of leads can increase ROI and sales. Every Facebook user’s feed is full-of posts from friends, family, troll pages and each post has CTAs- like, share, comment. Then they are a target by advertisers, trending topics, friend suggestions and what not. There’s too much going on. Every Facebook advertiser is looking for more leads. It’s like multiple trains crowding into one single platform.

So how do you stand apart to get leads and make a successful Facebook Lead Ad campaign by generating high volume of leads?

1. Are you using the right colour combinations to make your Facebook Lead Ad attractive enough?

high volume of leads generation using colours relating to different mood's

If all the trains are black and white. Wouldn’t you be noticed if you went all red? Same applies to Facebook- it’s blue and white. Hence to attract your audience and generate more leads, you need to design your Facebook Lead Ads and creatives in bright colours and with contrast combinations to seek their attention.

Facebook users scroll through social media feeds quickly and your Facebook Lead Ad should be captivating enough to make them stop. We recommend you to avoid creating your Facebook Lead advertisements in combinations of blue and white. After all, A/B testing your Facebook Lead Ads is best method to see which creatives work better.

2. In Digital Marketing, Content is the KING!

Along with creative colour combinations, make sure the text on Facebook Lead Ad is enticing enough too, only then will you be able to generate more leads. If that text is alluring, only then will the users go ahead and read the description. If you really have such an amazing offer, make sure it’s clear and visible in the Facebook Lead Ads.

You now need to focus on your Headline and tagline; because they are the ones who drive the users to click on your CTA button. Headlines should be short, informative and enticing.

Once the Facebook users have noticed your unique colours and have stopped at your Facebook Lead Ad, make sure the texts make them have a look at what you have to offer. Here are some Facebook Ad examples you can inspire from to create that amazing headline. Humorous and unexpected content, it is bound to attract more leads, shares, comments. It is a means of interaction with your leads and Survey says that 79% of users agree that interactive content can have reusable value, resulting in repeat visitors and multiple exposures.

3. How about organizing some amazing contests on your Facebook Lead Ad that are sure to go viral?

Who doesn’t like contests? Not only do they provide you with more leads, they also teach you a thing or two about your Facebook Lead Ads audience which you might have been unaware of. It also is a great way to interact with your prospects. It gives you higher reach, drives leads to your website.

The goal of conducting a contest on Facebook lead ad campaign is to generate high volume of leads, so to do that make sure your Contest is something tempting that users are persuaded to enter it. They must feel the contest prize is something worth their time and personal information.

4. Generate more high volume leads by gifting them with Freebies!

When the online store 2BigFeet introduced free shipping for orders over $100, their conversions went up 50%. Freebies are attractive, desirable and exciting generating more leads. And according to an article in the Wall Street Journal, it takes up to 20 minutes for the excitement feeling to pass. This time is long enough for the lead to go through your Facebook Lead Ads sales funnel, and again-more leads.

Something free nudges the lead to go ahead and fill out the lead form. Such freebies are also called Lead Magnets. Such free gifts are evergreen lead magnets that are effective in generating more leads. Instagram accounts that hold such free contests grow their followers 70% faster on average than accounts that don’t.

5. Try Squeeze page- the new kid in the block for high volume leads generation

To get your freebie reach out to as many Facebook leads as possible, you need to design a Facebook Lead Ad that gives those leads the option to opt in and provide you with their email address. And for that, the best way is to create a squeeze page is a type of landing page used by marketers just for collecting email addresses from the users who clicked on Facebook Lead ad and landed on the squeeze page. It has none of the usual navigation associated with a page on your website.

Comparatively short, a squeeze page usually includes: 
Headline clearly communicating all of your benefits.
– Supporting text with enough information for the lead to make a decision.
– An embedded form that usually  includes just one or two fields i.e. name and email address.

All these tricks are tried and tested and have been successful in generating more leads while running a Facebook Lead Ad.

But we do have one last tip for you Before you start your campaign, make sure you sync it with Leadzpipe – the All-in-One lead generation tool that will help you keep a track on your leads and organize them for you, all with just a couple of clicks!

To know more about Lead Generation check the link’s below:

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