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How to get quality leads from Facebook Ads without increasing Ad spends

Getting quality leads without spending much on Ads is the primary goal of every social media marketer. The lion’s share of marketers have begun seeing social media as an irreplaceable instrument for showcasing, as well as lead generation.

By presently, your competitors likely as of now have a social media presence and are gaining more trust from customers.

In this article, I’ll reveal ways in which you’ll be able utilize channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram to pick up quality leads from social media for your business.

But, What does Lead Generation mean?

“Lead generation is the process of gaining the interest of potential customers in order to increase future sales. It is a crucial part of the sales process of many companies.” – SalesForce UK

Therefore, having a database of your customers, (email address, Names, their interest, age etc) will give you a clue on how to segment your campaigns which will result to an increase in product sales and a increase in ROI.

Social Media nowadays have made easier for businesses to target their audience and the availability of huge information on the web has changed the view of marketing. Now you just have to maintain customer relationships rather than spreadsheets, and pinpointing the data from one sheet to another.

Here is a guide to help you get quality leads without spending more on ads

1. Describing exact purpose of the form

Always know the purpose of the form created. Is it meeting the goals that I want. Example:- You have generated a lead form on Facebook to collect leads of people who have filled up the form to place an appointment with you. Here the main purpose was decided i.e. to gather as many appointment’s as possible.

Since you’re asking for personal information from potential customers, make sure your brand is front and center so they feel comfortable sharing their information with you.

Make the method straightforward and tell your target group precisely what you need them to do

2. Greeting Leads Instantly

Chances of a lead turning into a customer is 76% if they instantly receive a welcoming mail from the form they have signed up for. Leadzpipe instantly sends welcoming mails and messages to new leads. Due to this the connection between the customer and the business build’s up and chances of a lead turning into a customer inceases.

3. Optimise Campaigns

When creating multiple ad campaigns and many lead forms it becomes difficult to find out which campaign or which keyword was best efficient. People are still struggling with maintaining spreadsheets mapping the right audience to the right lead form but then too the final data is less accurate.
Leadzpipe is the only tool on the web that tells you accurately which ad campaign has led to this many number of leads and which keyword was the most efficient.
In this light speed developing world maintaining spreadsheets and mapping is insufficient and is time consuming. Using Leadzpipe you can save time and think more about the campaigns that are successful and improve them which in turn will improve your ROI.

4. Provide multiple options in your form

You’ll channel out leads who are not in-market for your items at the moment but may possibly be within the future by basically giving them with two varieties of your offer. For example form fields such as “I’d like a quote”, or “I’m just trying to find more info” offer a few knowledge into the stage they are within the lifecycle. This way you’ll be able effectively organize leads that are inquisitive about your services promptly and construct up a database of leads who might require advance support.

You can go one step further in Leadzpipe by tagging leads who are interested and who are not, tagging fake leads and also marking won leads.


Generating high quality leads requires the proper explanation of the product or the service you are providing in the way that meet’s customer’s need’s.
Nowadays people only provide their personal details if they get value in return.
Instead of spending more money on the wrong target audience do a proper market research about your target audience and you will definitely see a increase in you leads.

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