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Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with

Google Sheets

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A unique form ad on Facebook to generate leads

Free, web-based software office suite offered by Google

Leadzpipe allows you to instantly connect Facebook Lead forms with Google Sheets and save ton of time by automating Facebook lead ad sync and let you focus on better tasks to give you technology superpowers

Be a Digital Ads Super Hero!

14 Days Free Trial | No Credit Card

Step 1: Connect Facebook Ad Account

Connect your Facebook Ad account and Sync leads from a Facebook Lead form <> Google Sheets with ZERO sec delay. Unlike Zapier and others who have a 5 to 15 mins delay in sync, we sync leads in real-time! Yes!

Step 2: Select Facebook Page & Form

Leadzpipe allows you sync unlimited pages and unlimited forms. Unlike the limit on no. of zaps or bridges we want you to make the most of your Facebook campaigns! Choose a page and a form and map your fields to send real time notification to your email and CRM!

Step 3: Select Google Sheets & relax

At Leadzpipe we do a 2 way sync to let you handle leads on Google Sheets while we sync up your data to give you accurate understand of which ads, campaigns and sources are giving you the maximum conversions. 

Step 4: Select an Welcome Email Template

When someone signs up for your email marketing, it’s an opportunity to make a great first impression. Send them a welcome email to introduce yourself, say thank you, or offer a special promotion. Leadzpipe allows you to send Instant Welcome Emails to the leads generated from the form you have chosen. You can use this automation feature to make sure every new lead receives a 

instant welcome email.

Why Leadzpipe?

We have more than 4 reasons for you to believe us.
But lets begin with these atleast! 

Real time Lead Sync

Sync your leads in real time from Facebook, Google, Linkedin, and send them to e-mail, CRM & even space (if you need)! 

No delay!

Smart Lead Management

We understand the pain of heavy CRM's. So we built a  fast & smart lead management system.
It's got a lot more than just lead management.

Ad Analytics

1st of its kind Sync tool to get accurate Ad Analytics from Facebook and Google to remove the Guess work from Digital Advertising

CRM & App Intergrations

Seamlessly Sync leads to your favourite CRM or Apps to further engage and convert these leads! 

14 Days Free Trial | No Credit Card

Other Popular Integrations

14 Days Free Trial | No Credit Card

Need Custom Integrations?


Leadzpipe has ROI focussed features that reduce lead leakage, manual ad analysis, ad optimisation, & automate hyper accurate reporting to scale your digital advertising end-to-end!