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Online Marketing Tools you need to grow a small business

If you are one of the many Small Companies and need help with Online Marketing Tools, this post is just for you!

In this Digital Age, having your presence on the internet is necessary. With the availability of hundreds of Online Marketing Tools, marketing online has become cheaper. Marketing your Business online offers a high ROI and hence you should make the most of these available Tools.

Below is the list of the Online Marketing Tools that are a must for Small Businesses:

1.  Google Analytics- Helps you study your website traffic

Marketing Analytics should be part of your business from the start. Google provides you with the very Tool for free! With this Online Marketing Tool, you can track the number of visitors, is the traffic organic or from other referred websites, how long do they spend on your website and on which page; and many other analytics.

This tool can also help you plan your strategies. Studying your consumer data, you can understand their interests and see what is driving them to your website. It is the must-have tool as the data provided is very helpful in designing your future tactics.

2. Leadzpipe – The All-in-One tool for Lead Management

Leadzpipe syncs your Leads from multiple channels like Facebook ads, Google ads, Bing, Company Website, Landing Pages, Google Forms etc. It even tracks the UTM source and the Marketing platform so you can analyse which keywords and which platforms generate the best leads.

86% of the leads forget for which product they had made an inquiry for in just 7 mins! Leadzpipe is a Tool that assists you in sending auto-response Emails and also instant Welcome Emails. This Tool also automates CRM connection in a single click. You can optimize campaigns across ad channels in real-time.

It has 2 plans Sync and Engage plan. In sync plan you can only sync leads. In engage plan you get the instant email notification feature with a campaign dashboard. The pricing depends on the number of leads you sync.

3. Canva- Brings out the Creative in you!

The attention period of consumers is 8 seconds, even less than a goldfish. Hence, apart from gaining their attention for your Business, it is even more important to hold it. Using a lot of visuals during marketing will help you do that, and Canva is just the tool for it.

The Tool provides ready templates that help you design attractive content within minutes. With this Tool’s help, you can create your Business’ logos, charts, presentations, etc from the massive options that it provides you. Most importantly, using Canva is easy for everybody.

Its free of cost only have to pay for premium elements and templates

4. Mailchimp- Best Online Marketing Tool for your Email Campaigns

Email marketing tools is still one of the most important Online marketing tools for Businesses. It is used by nearly 80% of all B2B and B2C businesses. Hence, having an email marketing strategy is important and Mailchimp eases the task for you.

This Tool provides you with ready Email Marketing templates.  Here you can analyse email traffic, manage your Email lists, automatically send out Marketing emails or schedule the email send time. You can also analyse engagement of the subscribers for your Business.

It offers free services with up to 2,000 subscribers or up to 12,000 emails a month. For the best of your small business growth the Tool’s free plan is the best fit.

5. Trello- A platform for sharing ideas with your team

Trello is a great Business Tool that can help your team to share ideas across teams and individuals. You team up with your entire team where you can share and edit content before you start marketing it. Here you can create notecards for your articles, marketing campaigns, or any other subjects your team might be focusing on. Hence, acts more of a content planner than a content scheduler.

Trello gets positive feedback from small businesses because of its smooth setup and ease of use.

The Tool offers a free package for small-sized teams whereas their business accounts start at $10/month.

6. BuzzSumo- Your guide for trending topics and keywords, and ultimately a better SEO

To see the most trending topics and analyse the best content for your Business, BuzzSumo is the Tool for it. The Tool helps you in deciding which topics to write on that appeals to your audience thus increasing your reach. You can identify Marketing influencers and connect with them with the Tool. The Tool helps you in studying which are your best performing content pieces which are driving traffic.


7.  Crazy Egg- Analyse what users do and click on your webpage

Crazy Egg helps you collect data of your Business’ customers and gain insights about what they’re doing on your website and where did they click. You can study how long your customers spend on your website and on which page.

It provides you with tools such as:

  • Analysis and reporting
  • Research and user feedback
  • Platforms and integrations
  • Heat maps and mouse recording
  • A/B testing tools
  • Targeting and personalization

This can improve your Business’ website’s usability which will result in increased conversions.


8.  Hootsuite- One platform for all Social Media Platforms

Here you can schedule your posts weeks or months in advance. You can also identify influencers and hashtags for your Business. Its analytics show you which campaigns are working effectively which can be used to calculate your ROI.

Hootsuite also shows mentions of your Business on social media and you can respond to them through its dashboard.

Details about the plan.

9. Ahrefs- Study traffic of your Competitors

Even though there are tons of Online Marketing tools Ahrefs is the best one. It helps you study your competition- what keywords are helping it stay top of the organic search results, access data of your backlinks, find relevant marketing and content ideas, best marketing keywords and keep their mobile/desktop rankings. It also notifies you if your competitor receives or loses a backlink.

Details about Ahrefs pricing.


In this Digital Marketing Era, it is necessary to be top in your Business. The above listed Online Marketing Tools can help you achieve it. But to succeed, it is also vital you use the right tool at the right time. These Online Marketing Tools will help your Business get a good grip on the audience.

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