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The Ultimate Guide for Quality Lead Generation

One of the most important parts of growing business comes from Lead Generation. It is much more than just emailing leads. It involves identifying and reaching out to them to convert as many as possible.

So let’s begin with the ultimate step-to-step guide for Lead Generation that will get you the quality ones you want.

1. Define your lead before starting with your Lead Generation Campaign

Your Lead Generation techniques are of no use if they don’t turn leads into product buying customers. To make them your buying customers, you need to first understand and create your Ideal customer profile. What would your ideal lead’s interests be, its problems, its choices, what content would attract it, its preferred channels and even its role in the buying process? How will you realize if it is sales-ready? After understanding all these points, you then need to design your campaign for your Lead Generation.

2. Attract Your Leads With Custom Made Content

For the effective execution of a Lead Generation strategy, you need to work heavily on your content marketing. By creating the profiles for each of the Leads and using the answers to the above questions as your guide, you can start creating custom made content to suit your ideal lead.

You should produce high-quality content to improve your Lead Generation. You can create blogs, attractive content, send custom emails, advertise on social media.

3. Align your Marketing and Sales team with each other for better Conversion

You must set up a file for Management for the teams that stores the data of the leads generated. It also lists the related marketing and sales activities. When these two teams work around a central revenue system, they improve your Business’ return on investment, sales and marketing productivity, and most importantly, your business growth. Also, define a response time for the lead generated.

4. Plan your Lead Journey that converts prospects to clients

Lead Nurturing is an important part of Lead Generation. It is developing relationships with your leads at every stage of the Sales Funnel. Lead Nurturing focuses on the needs of your prospects and providing them with details they ask for.

Design which marketing content should be shown to the lead and in which stage of your strategy. Link your content assets skilfully making sure that every reading, sooner or later ends up with a sale. Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost. Hence, it is important to pass the lead on to the sales team only when it has matured enough.

5. Invest in lead generation Automation

Marketing Automation Tools help you in automating some tasks of your Lead Generation and Marketing Processes. It gives your marketing teams the capability to produce better Lead Generation results.

You can design rules that control which recipients receive your advertisements and analyse who all took action on them. If a potential lead makes a small purchase, your automation tool can add that lead to a “customer” list and send the emails and messages designed specifically for them. Hence encouraging them to make a larger purchase, sign up for newsletters.

In order to make Lead Generation efficient, you must invest in marketing automation. All-in-one solutions like HubSpot and Leadzpipe are particularly suitable for this.

6. Always keep your contact details correct and complete for customers to reach you easily.

Having updated contact details are important for Lead Generation. To sell to prospects who are interested in your product, you should have your contact details updated at all times. With some research, your customers have decided that your product is right for their needs. All you need to do is answer some of their questions, get the right people in front, and make sure your leads opt for you over your competition. For this, you need to maintain your contact database and always keep it up to date. If prospects find you not reachable, they may develop trust issues and end up choosing your competitor.

7.  Set up a feedback section to improve future Lead Generation

During Lead Generation, your teams gain lots of valuable experiences. These experiences can be used to improve your Lead Generation process. However, for achieving this, feedback must always be obtained from the people who want to share their experience. This refers to the process of using customer or employee feedback to create a better product or workplace.

Customer feedback is an effective way to improve your product to your prospects and and also modify according to the feedback . It’s a business strategy that has been used for quite some time.

Still not clear about how to go about with your Lead Generation? Reach out to us and we will be happy to help you!

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