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Its your All-in-one Lead Sync, CRM Integration, Autoresponder, Lead Management & Ad optimization tool!

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1000+ Companies Synced 7,43,780 leads and optimised over $2 Million in Ad Spends!

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Old ways of Lead Generation...

❌ Check your Facebook or Google Ad dashboard for new leads

❌ To access the leads you have to keep downloading the CSV again and again every day!

❌ When the lead data is imported in CRM manually or through some automation, you can never find which creative or keyword converted the lead inside the CRM

❌ Optimise your Lead Generation campaign based on lowest Cost per lead instead of highest sales converting campaign!

Time for a new way – One that will let you sync leads, integrate to a CRM and send them instantly to your sales teams along with analysis the most important data points of your paid campaigns so that your sales and marketing team jointly take accurate decisions instead of punching in the air (behind each others back) and jointly deliver Campaign ROI that lets them live happily ever after!

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How Leadzpipe helps Facebook & Google Advertisers

Improve your Lead Generation ROI

Sync Leads from Any Source

Sync Leads in 3 Easy Steps without any Coding

You can sync Leads from multiple-ad channels like Facebook ads, Google ads, Bing, Company Website, Landing Pages, Google Forms etc. Forgot about hunting the exact campaign or creative or the keyword that gave you your best leads. Always know which one is your Star Campaign! Also, we track utm source & platform so you get to know which keywords & which platforms are giving you the best leads!

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Sync Leads from any Destination

Real time Integration with unlimited
CRM & Marketing Apps

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Instant Lead Notification with Leadzpipe

Get Real-time Lead Notifications

Get notified for New Leads on even before it shows on your facebook panel and send them to your favorite CRM instantly!

Receive Instant Lead Notifications on your Email on Real time & Act Instantly to avoid any kind of lead leakage. Send these lead notifications to multiple email id’s & get notified whenever a New Lead is generated on a real-time basis

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Fast & Free Lead Management

Manage leads in a way you have never imagined!

Forget managing leads on Excel. Use our super simple and excel like Lead Management System from anywhere in the world (laptop or mobile). 

One Click follow up with leads on SMS, Whatsapp and Email and convert your leads faster!

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Easy to use Lead Management in Leadzpipe
Sync Leads from multiple sources

Improve your Facebook & Google Ad ROI like never before...

Master Facebook & Google Ad Optimisation & Increase ROI

Analyse Leads with advance ad filters and optimise campaigns across ad channels in real time to grow your ROI by over 3X Guaranteed!

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Send Instant Welcome Email

Welcome your Leads Instantly & Increase your Brand Recall!

Automate & Send Instant Welcome Emails to your leads to increase your Lead to Conversion ratio which in result will increase your Ad revenue!
Did You Know?
86% of the leads forget for which product they had made and enquiry for in just 7 mins!

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Sync leads and send instant welcome email to leads
Connect with CRM's

Real time Two Way CRM Integrations

With your Favourite CRM & Autoresponder

Sync leads and Automate CRM integration. Send all your Leads to any of your favourite CRM in a single click

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The Lead Generation tool built for Paid Marketers!

Sync, Manage & Optimise Leads Generation Campaigns in realtime! Period!

Meet the ultimate Lead and Sales Optimisation tool.

Its your All-in-one Lead Sync, CRM Integration, Email Marketing & Zero guesswork Ad optimization tool!

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What our customers say

  • My agency thrives on leadzpipe. We stand out, work more efficiently and clients love it too!

    Avaid Rabinovitch

    Storyline (ad agency - Isreal)
  • I got my lead notification even before the Facebook dashboard showed it. Leadzpipe helps me convert leads faster. I love it when my phone keeps beeping for new leads all the time!


    Real Estate Broker
  • We were able to pinpoint the exact video or the creative that gave more test drives and sales!

    Neon F

Are you ready to take your lead generation to the next level?

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Key Features

Real-time Lead Sync

Sync Facebook Lead forms, landing page forms or any other lead sources without any coding & call them back in real time!

Excel Like CRM

Qualify more leads faster in our excel-like CRM before handling them in your clunky

Instant Welcome Email

Send Instant welcome email to your leads without sending them to another autoresponder!

Unlimited Users or Clients

Collaborate with your team by adding sub-users or Add your clients with different rights and permissions.

Instant Lead Notifications

Get notified on mail instantly and never miss a lead again! Convert more leads faster!

One Dashboard to grow ROI

Track your spends across channels in one tool and see in real time how many conversions you've made.

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$ 39
Per Month
  • Sync 1000 Leads / mo
  • Manage Unlimited Leads
  • 100 Pipes (Integration)
  • 20+ CRM Integrations
  • 20 Users
  • 10 Facebook Ad Accounts


$ 69
Per Month
  • Sync 2000 Leads / mo
  • Manage Unlimited Leads
  • 100 Pipes (Integration)
  • 20+ CRM Integrations
  • 20 Users
  • 10 Facebook Ad Accounts
  • Facebook Ad Optimisation
  • Google Ad Optimisation
  • Excel like CRM
  • Instant Welcome Emails
  • Email Analytics

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