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Same Spend. 4x more Leads.
10x more Conversions

Automate Facebook Lead Ad Sync, Monitor Goals, Set up Ad Triggers and Optimise Ad Campaigns and Convert Leads into Sales, all from one Dashboard! 

Sync leads by Campaign

For the 1st TIME - Sync Facebook Leads by Ad Campaigns not just by Forms. Solve the ultimate confusion. Know which campaign did the lead come from!

FB Campaign Optimsation

Monitoring Multiple Ad Campaigns, Data points (CPL, CPV, CPA etc) from one or multiple Ad accounts can be tedious, tiring, unproductive & inaccurate!

Integrate with CRM & Apps

Don't just sync leads, send them to CRM's & Automation apps in real time. Engage, Nurture and Convert your leads! Sync them back to Create Real time CUSTOM AUDIENCES!

Sleek Lead Management & Reporting

We built an Excel like cloud based LMS so you can action upon your leads immediately! Afterall lets accept it CRM

One tool for Facebook Lead Ads Sync. CRM Integration.
AI Driven Ad OptimisationAutomated Reports. 
All in ONE Dashboard!
All the features you need to guarantee ROI from Facebook Ads in one Dashboard! 
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Sync Leads, Automate Facebook Ads
be a Digital Marketing Hero in less than 10mins
No Credit Card. Free Forever.
Let's understand the problems Digital Advertisers shared with us. 
1. Facebook Lead Ads Sync
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Advertisers still, 
download CSV to access leads every day from Facebook lead ads! 

advertiserproblem#1 -

Downloading CSV every morning and mapping Campaign the leads are coming from...

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Over 84% Advertisers are still downloading leads through CSV. For those who use some tools to sync Facebook Leads to another CRM or Automation tool, they only send the leads. 

Things they miss while pulling leads, which we have added - 

  1. We pull leads by Campaign > Ad Set > Ad of the lead. As one Lead form can be used across Ads. Hence it can be difficult to know where the lead came from! 
  2. Time Stamp. It's a simple thing. But getting the timestamp of the lead helps callers in a big way
  3. Demographic Data of people who filled the form!

We are so excited to solve this problem for a Facebook Advertiser!

2. Facebook Ads Optimization
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Analyse Facebook Ads once in a week for taking optimisation decisions! 


"It's so tiring to keep a tap on CPL, CPC, Ad Frequency, Total Spends, all of this in real time. It's practically impossible!"

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When you run multiple campaigns, it can be tiring + fatal to miss out on key parameters being missed! 

Over 74% of advertisers lose 30% of their spends because they cannot track when their ads start underperforming! 

With our tool, you can now keep a tap on the most important data points like - 

  1. Cost Per Lead Limit (ex: Notify when CPL goes above $15)
  2. Track Spends (ex: Notify if Campaign A spends more than $450 in a
  3. DAY) 
  4. 3. Frequency (ex: Notify if Ad Freq goes above 2.2)

Triggers for All data points sent to you on email in REALTIME. Be on TOP of your Facebook Ads! With Same Spends, get 30% more Performance. 

Monitor key stats and get triggers emailed!

3. Get Actionable Lead Analytics
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Advertisers found it irritating that they cannot save different types of breakdowns to analyse data!


"Applying one breakdown at a time again and again to analyse Ad Performance is tedious and unproductive"

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Facebook ad panel only allows you to apply 1 Breakdown at a time! That sucks right? We felt that too. So we built a feature never be bogged down by the mundane analysis on facebook!  

Get multiple Lead Analytics like: 

  1. Age and Gender of the leads Generated on a real-time basis
  2. Total Spends vs Total Leads 
  3. Daily, Weekly and Monthly Leads Vs Lead Status (cold, warm, hot or won) 

These data points can help you optimize your targetting on real-time to improve your ROI by 3X and stop the leaking spends in non-performing age and gender categories. 

Get Actionable Lead Analytics to optimize your Ad Campaigns!

4. Let's be honest. CRM's are a pain! 
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Advertisers found it irritating that they cannot save different types of breakdowns to analyze data! 


"CRM's increase our call back time. The multiple field updates is impossible while talking to a customer "

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Presenting to you an Advanced Lead Reporting and Lead Management System that will literally make you throw away the complicated CRM's and Analytic tools! 

For the first time, get your lead panel to tell you the following things - 

  1. Which creative did the lead see before enquiring
  2. Which keyword did the lead search before enquiring
  3. Which Campaign and Source is giving you more Hot Leads 
  4. Update lead status in just 1 click. No complicated fields to be updated! 

Get all of this in an excel-like lead reporting and lead management system! No more learning new complicated CRM's to qualify and convert leads! 

Sync Leads to your favorite CRM or Marketing Automation apps
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Sync Leads, Optimise Google Ads like never before &
be a Digital Marketing Hero in less than 10 mins
No Credit Card. Free Forever.
About Leadzpipe

A tool built by Facebook Advertisers for Facebook Advertisers.
It’s a bit too cliched right! But it’s True! After careful listening of
more than 5000 Facebook Advertisers,
we built this tool to address
to some of the most important problems they faced while
trying to scale Facebook Advertising.

Key Features


  1. Facebook Lead Ad Sync

  2. Sync with CRM's & Apps

  3. Monitor & Optimise Facebook Ads Campaign

  4. Manage Facebook Leads through FREE CRM

  5. Facebook Lead Ads Dashboard for Spends, Leads, CPL, Age, Gender

Contact Info

We are a happy to help you increase your effciency with Facebook Advertising. Contact us at,
E-MAIL: try@leadzpipe.com