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Take the Frustration out of Facebook and Google Ads
ROI focused features that reduce lead leakage, manual ad analysis,
ad optimization, & automate hyper accurate reporting to scale your digital advertising end-to-end!

Steps to Sync Facebook Leads

Click on the Facebook icon from the list

Select Facebook Page & Form

Choose the Facebook Page & the form which you want to sync & map the form fields

Select a Lead Recipients & CRM

Send Email Notifications in Real time & Send your Leads to your favourite CRM

Select an Email Template

to send Instant Welcome Emails to your Leads
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Sync Leads from Any Source

Sync Leads in 3 Easy Steps without any Coding
You can sync Leads from multiple-ad channels like Facebook ads, Google ads, Bing, Company Website, Landing Pages, Google Forms etc.
Forgot about hunting the exact campaign or creative or the keyword that gave you your best leads. Always know which one is your Star Campaign!
Also, we track utm source & platform so you get to know which keywords & which platforms are giving you the best leads!
  • Real-time Lead Sync (with no 2-min, 5-min delay)

  • Sync leads from Multiple Sources

  • Send leads to your favorite CRM

Instant Welcome Email

Welcome your Leads Instantly & Increase your Brand Recall!
Automate & Send Instant Welcome Emails to your leads to increase your Lead to Conversion ratio which in result will increase your Ad revenue!
Did You Know?
86% of the leads forget for which product they had made and enquiry for in just 7 mins!
  • Instant Welcome Email triggers

  • Personalised Emails for every Lead

  • Add Custom Branding on Email Templates

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Real time Two Way CRM Integrations

With your Favourite CRM & Autoresponder
Sync leads and Automate CRM integration.
Send all your Leads to any of your favourite CRM in a single click
  • 2 way CRM Integration

  • Send only qualified leads to your CRM

  • Single click integration, no coding required

Master Digital Ad Optimisation

Master Facebook & Google Ad Optimisation & Increase ROI
Analyse Leads with advance ad filters and optimise campaigns across ad channels in real time to grow your ROI by over 3X Guaranteed!
  • Filter out qualified leads & check their CPL

  • Filter the campaigns & stop the campaigns which gives your unqualified leads

  • Filter out the leads by its source & understand which source has given more qualified leads

  • Filter out leads by utm keywords & change the bids accordingly!

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Get Instant Lead Notifications

Get notified for New Leads on Real Time basis
Get Instant Lead Notifications on your Email on Real time & Act Instantly to avoid any kind of lead leakage. Send these lead notifications to multiple email id's & get notified whenever a New Lead is generated on a real-time basis
  • Send Lead Notifications to Client to keep them in the loop

  • Receive Lead Notification Emails with detail information

  • Increase the efficiency of Sales Team

Fast & Free Lead Management

Manage leads in a way you have never imagined! 
Use our super simple and fast Lead Management System with multiple unique features. First of its kind lead panel, that shows leads by source (with icon) so that you can quickly glance through the details of the leads before you make your first call!
Get campaign and creative wise lead data so your sales team can have the most relevant conversation with leads enquiring through Facebook! 

Also, we fetch UTM source (automatically) of the leads so you can know which keyword is performing better on your Google ads so that you can bid more for the right keywords!
  • Get Leads by Campaign & Keywords

  • Customized Lead Status for every Lead

  • Add Custom Reminders & Notes for every lead

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Real Time Lead Sync

Ad Analysis

Lead Management System

CRM Integrations

Welcome Email

The truth is that you have a lot on your plate when it comes to lead generation campaigns.

Scaling a lead generation or digital ad campaign is hard work (really hard). You only have so much time and you would want to spend that time focused on seeing what works and what not! With Leadzpipe, our goal is to take care of everything else when it comes to subscription growth.
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Real Time Integration

Our Real Time Integrations allow you to Send any kind of data from your Ads or Website to a CRM to allow you to take real time decisions.

Two way Integration

Our Two Way Integration allows you to work on your favorite application while we put together all the data points you need to make the perfect ROI decisions without any manual mapping or CSV downloads from multiple sources!


We are a fairly small, flexible design studio that designs for print and web.

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