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3 secrets to improve google and facebook ads effectiveness

Google and Facebook ads are the reason why advertising is effective todoy. Google And Facebook Ads improve the Lead Generation process for you. Many Digital Marketers wonder which of the two platforms, Google Ads or Facebook Ads will get them the most leads with minimal investment?

But the ideal question should be, how can one use the combination of Google Ads and Facebook Ads that gets them most leads at minimal investment?

Retarget high intent purchase leads from Google Ads on Facebook Ads via Facebook Pixel

Create a customer and look alike audience on Facebook Ads of that high intent Google Ads keyword.

Create a “traffic” campaign on Facebook Ads to target the high intent google audience at the cost of Facebook ads.

Let us now understand how can you have the best of both worlds:

1. Retarget high intent users from Google Ads with Facebook Pixel.

facebook custom audience

How retargeting works:
i. Users search for a product on Google.
ii. They land on your website which has Facebook pixel installed.
iii. Facebook pixel captures those users.
iv. You retarget those users on Facebook Ads via Facebook pixel.

According to Marketing week, Digital campaigns targeting 25-44 year-olds reach their desired audience only 38% of the time, compared to 58% for Digital campaigns targeting those aged between 35 and 64. Hence, many Digital Marketers invest their money and push their offerings unnecessarily to the wrong demographics.

To make the most of your ROI in digital marketing, Google is the platform you should begin with. When people look for something, Google is the one that gets the first bite of the apple. It has 63,000+ searches per second and is a fantastic platform to market your business and get a high volume of leads.

Google Ads, without doubt, also generate leads of the highest quality as it is based on keywords. Google Ads are displayed to users looking specifically for a particular product and hence landed on your website. But not all Google users that land on your website fill in your lead form. That’s when Facebook Pixel comes to your rescue.

This Facebook Pixel collects data on users assisting you in keeping a track on:
-The users that landed on your website
-What actions they took
-Which pages the users visited
-Average time spent by users on the website

Facebook Pixel captures those lead and you can start retargeting them on Facebook and other platforms via Facebook Pixel, even if those users do not fill out your lead form. This is helpful because even if the prospects haven’t made any final decision, you can keep them interested via Facebook Ads or other digital ad platforms. This will help you in targeting those users with higher conversion prospects and make the most of your investment. And users, if purchased from your brand once, are likely to become loyal customers if they see your Ads repeatedly.

2. Create a look alike audience on Facebook Ads

facebook lookalike audience
Facebook Ads are cheaper, so use Google Ads only to the point you collect enough traffic so that you can create Lookalike Audience you need and then simply reduce your spend by half by focusing all your attention on Facebook Ads. 

So here is how you can go about this:
-Run Google Search Ads
-Take them to a landing page
-Create lookalike Audience on Facebook Ads using lead data if users have filled in the lead form
-Create lookalike Audience Using Facebook pixel if they haven’t filled the lead form.
-Retarget those Google Ads visitors using a Facebook lead ad.

When users see your Google ad and visit your website, not all fill in the lead form. There are just 2-4% of site visits that actually result in transactions and you need to make the most to have those 2-4% transactions. If users did fill in the form, Congratulations! But even if they didn’t, don’t worry, you haven’t lost them, thanks to Facebook Pixel.

If your users, that have landed via Google Ads, have filled in the form, you can use the data you have collected of those users and create a lookalike audience for Facebook ads. Lookalike audience is a Facebook Ads tool that finds other Facebook users whose demographics and interests are similar to those of your existing leads and targets them.

This helps in targeting only those users that may be interested in your offerings and saves a lot of your time that is otherwise invested in figuring out who your ideal audience is.
And if the users, even after visiting your landing page did not fill out the lead form, you can still create lookalike audience using Facebook Pixel. Facebook Pixel captures data and you can retarget them via Facebook Ads.

3. Create a “traffic” campaign on Facebook and retarget them through Google’s Display Network.

With enough study on your existing customer data, you now are sure of who your ideal lead is and its profile. Facebook Ads provides you with limitless audience targeting options that assists you to be as specific as possible during your Facebook Ads targeting.

Apart from age, gender, locality Facebook Ads also lets you narrow your target audience further based on specific criteria such as:
-Income levels
-Club-Life events

You name it! If you do know what your ideal audience is, you can directly start targeting them via Facebook Ads and remarket via Google Ads. People with high purchase intent search for the products/services first on Google, and your business cannot not be there.

To achieve this, you can remarket those Facebook Ads prospects on Google Ads by adding a remarketing code on your landing page. With this code, your ad will be displayed to those Facebook Ads prospects whenever they search on Google and with this, they are continuously engaging with your brand and you are reminding them about your offering even after they’ve left Facebook app.

But how do you know ultimately which platform, Google Ads or Facebook Ads, is bearing you with the most fruits?

Managing lead data of 2 different platforms and 2 separate databases is risky and hence, Leadzpipe was born! It is the All-in-One Lead Generation tool that was launched just recently in 2019 after understanding all the pain points of Digital Marketers. Apart from showing you which platform, Facebook Ads or Google Ads or any other, bought you which leads, its analysis also helps you study which keywords or campaigns are performing better and a lot more. 

Wish to know more about this amazing tool? Go ahead

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