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How we generate quality leads that actually convert to sales

To generate quality leads is a dream and sometimes turn’s into a nightmare. If you get your hands on the correct and quality leads, they are easy to convert. Figuring a way to get those quality leads is some task. But there is a solution to everything!

Why stress it when you can Outsource it?

Generating leads and converting them, both are highly demanding tasks. We do the former one making the latter easier for you! We just don’t say it, we mean it. With the help of our software Leadzpipe, we track and manage leads and provide you with the best ones.

Here is how we generate Quality Leads that lead to Conversion:

1. Advertising on the Correct Platform to generate quality leads

There are so many Advertising platforms to choose from that it can confuse any person. Not everyone looks for everything on Facebook. But Google Ads may get a little expensive or, thinking whether the Ad is good for the Business minds on LinkedIn. So how are we so confident about getting you the Quality Leads that you can convert?

To generate quality leads depends on whether your Business is a service provider or, focused on lifestyle or how-to videos. Every Business type has its platform. Some needs broad Advertising on Google whereas some work best on Facebook. Our Team puts in a lot of effort in studying and examining your business and products. Finally, a suitable platform is chosen providing you with the quality leads.

2.  Budget Sharing for better results and quality leads

Businesses may spend a lot of time and money on Advertising for Quality Leads but may not obtain the results they hoped for. A high budget does not necessarily mean high success and high conversion. To get the most out of your investment, you need to invest it wisely too.

Some platforms cost higher than others to generate quality leads. They might also serve you a very good ROI but you shouldn’t invest high for higher conversions. Majority PPC campaigns return high ROI quickly and are high-cost. On the opposite, Email marketing though low-cost, can return high results as well. 

Hence, choosing a platform that generate quality leads and allocates budget accordingly is important. Since which stage your marketing is at, we regularly branch out the platform to advertise on and distribute the budget. We get you the best results from your investment, providing you with Leads that lead to conversion.

3.  Quality Content attracts leads

Even if you offer the best products to attract quality leads, it may be of no use because it was not marketed effectively. Having good content is important for SEO, that is, getting your Business displayed to the desired target audience for high conversion. Your content need not be fancy and high pitched- that’s not what the Searchers type. Your content should match with the perspective of “what might my audience type when looking for my products”. Just some simple, direct words will get your Ad to your quality leads that will result in a conversion.

Apart from SEO, your ads need to have content that is engaging. Until and unless you have valuable and interactive content, no quality lead/user is going to engage with your Ads. This will result in high cost per conversion.

We design your Ads with the most appropriate content that pulls customers in engaging with you. Thus helping you with the Quality Leads that we promise.

4.  Engaging Creatives to stand apart from competitors

Creativity is the soul of advertising and branding and attracting quality leads. It gives life to messages about products and services that may otherwise be boring or irrelevant. But, nowadays, users are attacked with Ads that attempt for conversion, on every platform they visit. Every page is crowded with graphics, text.

You also need an attractive, engaging Creatives to make sure the users pause at your Ad before scrolling down. You need to stand out from the rest to make sure that your leads see what you have to offer. It sounds tough, but we do it for you. Our team of experts design the best creatives that catch the eye of the ones you want to attract. Thus having a few more quality leads.

5.  Landing Pages that provide important information

A website has many distractions whereas the landing page is super focused. It is a page that breaks or makes a lead. Its aim is to educate your quality leads specifically about your brand or the product you wish to market. The fewer the links your landing page has, the higher are the conversions. This is the reason you, need a superb Landing Page that helps to generate quality leads by filling your Lead Form. And the important part we can design it for you!

6.  Continuous Analysis for a better ROI

Constant analysis helps you achieve a better ROI. Thus helps to generate quality leads. You can regularly improve, and achieve goals such as having higher target accuracy and designing better content. All this helps in providing higher Quality Leads to the sales force.

Leadzpipe helps you understand and analyse which Ads are performing best. It also calculates CPC and identify ads having good lead conversion ratio. All this is on a single Dashboard. It also notifies when a lead is generated. Hence giving you the real-time benefit of connecting with the high-quality Lead.

7.  Digital Strategy- Your path to generate quality Leads

Strategy is needed to generate quality leads as it shapes your marketing tactics. There is no magic without a full-proof strategy. The Strategy aims at inspecting your existing marketing efforts and using the data to learn what pieces are working, versus the missing ones and planning ahead. An detailed approach to your Strategy helps reveals new openings and leads for conversion.

We study and provide you with Strategy to engage your audience and grow your business, not only in theory but in action. 

We create custom, tailor-made strategies best suited to your business to convert the quality leads you’re looking for.

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