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7 Mistakes you should avoid when Generating Leads

Everyone makes mistakes and so have we! But we’ve learned from our experience and present to you the 7 mistakes that you should avoid when generating leads.

1. Don’t just grab attention, Hold it

Recent studies have shown that the average human being now has an attention span of 8 seconds. But even if you are successful in grabbing attention, it is even more important to hold it. You need to constantly advertise yourself and remind your consumers the products and services you offer, and of your existence.

Hence, it is necessary to market your brand so that apart from grabbing attention, you are successful in holding it. Creating loyalty, avoiding them from moving to your competitors will help you make the most of your Lead Generation strategy.

2. Avoid Aggressive Data Collection when doing Lead Generation

The power of Digitization has become so huge that brands have started to misuse it. And this misuse of power has led to the loss of trust that consumers once had on businesses. Consumers have become very attentive about revealing their data as they are spammed with emails and calls. They avoid sharing their information and 26% of them even unsubscribe.

Hence, when designing a campaign, have to keep in mind the amount of information you ask from consumers. Even after successfully gaining the data from your target audience, be aware of how you use it. 

You may try to build your brand awareness but asking for too much private information may indirectly hurt your brand. Hence try to use the private information wisely and build good customer trust.

3. Advertise Solution on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, not your product

Common mistakes to avoid when generating leads, is assuming your consumers know what your product is all about. The audience doesn’t know or care about the product and its features unless you highlight the features. You should avoid talking about your product’s features and instead describe how your product can transform the customer’s.

You, should consider starting with a Brand Campaign that focuses on raising awareness about the solutions. Your strategy should focus on educating your consumers on what the product is about, its doings, how helpful it is.

4. All the advertising trends may not be best for your Brand

There is a lot of confusion between staying with current trends or jumping on the new upcoming ones. Staying with the trends and changes in the industry is necessary if you desire to be successful. Trends are constantly changing and Businesses and advertisers need to be up to date with them.

But one mistake to avoid when generating leads is using a certain platform which is trending. First analyse the platform whether it satisfies your needs and then take the decision to use that platform. Whereas the truth is it’s a poor decision to blindly follow the latest trends without analysing it. You, should be aware of the trends but should avoid quickly applying it.

5. Never knowing the importance of Mobile Marketing

It is surprising that even though advertisers are know the importance of phones, not many use it for Lead Generation. In many industries average mobile share of website traffic now exceeds 50%.

Many advertisers admit that mobile-friendly displays are essential for Lead Generation, but still fail to make Mobile Marketing a priority. It is a platform you must consider for every aspect of your business, especially for Lead Generation. If you don’t use mobile Marketing, there is a risk of failing to connect with a lot of people.

6. Always Split Test your Digital Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Tools provide Split Testing as it helps in removing the guesswork by bringing scientific methodology to Lead Generation. For example, distribute the same email to a test group, but use two different subject lines. When sending the actual email, use the subject line that performed best. Make decisions based on actual data, not your gut feeling. 

This helps in saving money and energy and guides you with the data best to be used to execute the plan.

7. Focus on Quality of your Content then its Quantity

The truth is that the Internet doesn’t need another blog post, podcast, or YouTube video. One of the biggest mistakes to avoid when generating leads is not providing the content people are looking for. Almost everything is already available at the fingertips of consumers. Advertisers have crammed social media feeds and email inboxes with content.

If you are helpful in providing the quality content, you are bound to pull consumers towards you. Instead of posting 5 new blogs, it is advised to put five times the efforts in creating a remarkable Blog.

It helps advertisers in extracting the cream by attracting surfers on your masterpiece by buying traffic to it.

You shouldn’t feel discouraged if this blog listed out a few mistakes you are making during your Lead Generation campaign. You’re guaranteed to make them along your way in becoming a outstanding advertiser. You need not discourage yourself, each mistake is a step towards betterment!

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