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Never maintain CSV’s files now. Simple ways to automate lead generation

No More CSV. Automate Lead Generation

Automate lead generation saves time, money and removes the problem of maintaining csv files. It is proven to be worth an organisation’s time and money. Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads. If choosing right target audience, loads of traffic and leads can be generated for your business. But keeping a track on these leads can become an irritating piece of work.

Many sales representatives lose hope by simply looking at the number of leads to handle. You need to download the CSV files from your Ads every time to update the new leads. Compare the new ones with the existing ones and merge the data. After completing this time consuming task, you contact your leads. But it’s all too late and what a waste of time!

If the leads are not contacted within 5 minutes after submission, the conversion rates can drop by 80%. There are lead generation tools that track leads from multiple sources with AI-powered lead scoring and allocate the leads to right representatives.

In Tools like Leadzpipe, Zoho, HubSpot you no longer have to manually download the CSV files from your Facebook or Google Ads. The tools automate lead generation which saves time and energy.

Why is a Lead Sync Tool better than CSVs?

How lead Sync is done without csv's and automate lead generation

You will have no more hours lost in manually downloading CSV files. Managing Facebook and Google Ads leads just became super-fast and easy. The automated technology provides you with great support. These tools take lead generation to an altogether new level.

Automate lead generation Tools like SalesForce, Leadzpipe help you convert your leads into actual opportunities. They help you track all the right information about your lead.

Single Dashboard for multiple lead data points

One dashboard to automate lead generation.

You have to analyse the campaign performance, responses of customer’s, from which campaign they have responded, and many other data points besides csv files and analysing data. You can now quit working on the CSV files, Excel and sticky notes as your system of record. The purpose of Automated Tools is to primarily provide a structured view of leads and give all the information about your Ads.

Lead Management Tools also send auto-respond Emails to Leads

Welcome email to new leads and automate lead generation

Time is crucial when doing business in this era, where competitors get away with your leads and you could lose out on a possible sale. Automatic email responses are important for lead generation. They send mail’s instantly to potential leads and also decreases your Cost per Conversion.

The Tool updates your new leads in your Lead Management Tool and auto responds. This all happens in Real Time avoiding the task of downloading CSV files and reaching customer’s instantly. Industries like Automobile and Real Estate, need quick action with every lead and as a result they use automated tools.

Hubspot, Leadzpipe allow you to free up a lot of your time. It simply creates a bridge from Facebook or Google Ads to your CRM where as soon as lead comes in, an email is sent. Now there’s no need to spend money on automated email because lead management software as integrated automating mail responder.

Live messaging for solving your leads queries

Apart from auto-respond emails, automated Tools help you with live chat-bots, live messaging tools, instant demos. This help you keep your leads engaged while they are interested. No more nonstop CSV file downloads, checking pages and forms every few hours. Live message helps you solve lead queries instantly without delay.

Analysing Ads and Keywords so that you know which ones are bringing in more leads

Automated Lead Generation Tools like Leadzpipe help you providing the most important information about each of your campaigns. You can exactly see how good or bad Ads or keywords are at generating leads. It allows you to do more of what works and less of what dont.

Automatic Conversion Tracking for better insights

To make the most of your Facebook or Google Ads, you need to first analyse how many leads and customers an ad generates. Integrating with Leadzpipe, HubSpot will make work more easier. They automatically report cost per conversions and ROI for every Ads and keyword automatically. This gives you deeper insights like UTM codes that help you optimize depending on the device people are using.

Effortless Leads Import

Transferring your data to these automated Tools is easy. You need to sync your account and lead form. Then design an auto respondent email and you are all set to go! All with a couple of clicks and without any fancy data work. 

Everything at Your fingertips

Your lead qualification can also be viewed on the same Automated tool’s dashboard, the statistics of your campaign, all your lead data with regards to their name, email, contact. Everything in the same dashboard of the Automated tool. This helps in spending less time looking over different Tools for different aspects and a higher time engaging with your customers.

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