How to Connect Leadzpipe to Pipedrive

Many customers use Pipedrive to manage sales & contacts. With our pipe integration, you can send leads and sales data captured from Facebook ads, Hosted webforms to your Pipedrive in real-time!

This doc will cover

  • Setting up the connection
  • Functionalities of the integration

Before getting started the most important step before getting started is to create an Welcome Email if you haven’t created one. Click here to get started.

Setting up the Pipedrive integration #

For a quick setup example, we will integrate the Facebook lead form as a source. You can also use Web Form as a source.

Step 1: #

Click “Create Pipe”

Leadzpipe Create Pipe

Step 2: #

Select Source as ‘Facebook Lead Form’ if you want to sync Facebook Leads or select ‘Web Form’ if you want to sync website leads.
Select Destination as ‘Pipedrive’.

Connect Leadzpipe to Pipedrive

Step 3:

Connect a Facebook Ad Account From Which You Are Running Lead Generation Campaign Or Choose an Existing Account if you have added a Facebook Account.

Select or Add Your Facebook Account in Leadzpipe

Step 4: #

Login With Your Facebook Account

Adding your Facebook Credentials to join Leadzpipe and Facebook

Step 5: #

Choose Your Facebook Ad Account.
Select the Facebook Page from which you are running ads.
Select the Facebook Form.
If you want to sync ‘Existing Leads’ you can turn on the options ‘Sync Existing Leads’.

Step 6: #

Select Or Create Tag.
A Pipe name will automatically be named after the campaign name.
If your first field is ‘Full Name’ than your first field in the Leadzpipe section should be ‘Full Name’. If you don’t find a proper match for a field you can create an custom field from the dropdown on the Leadzpipe section.

Step 7: #

Connect New Pipedrive Account

Connect Leadzpipe to Pipedrive

Step 8: #

Click “Connect an account” & Input Pipedrive Credentials

Find PipeDrive API Key & Sub-Domain *

  1. Sub-domain : “subdomain”.pipedrive.com
  2. API Key : Settings > Personal preferences > API
Copying API from Pipedrive
Entering Sub Domain, Email, And API Key copied from Pipedrive.

Step 9: #

Choose Account & Map Fields With LeadzPipe and then click on ‘Test Connection’ to check connection between Leadzpipe & Pipedrive.
After this click on Next.

Testing connection between Leadzpipe and Pipedrive.

Step 10: #

Select Lead Recipients Or Add New Email

Step 11: #

Select Welcome Email Template. If you haven’t created an Email Template click here.

Step 12: #

Save Pipe

Adding lead Recipient and setting up Welcome Email.

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