How to import leads to Leadzpipe

Today you will learn how to import leads to Leadzpipe-

Method : Bulk upload (using csv) #

Step 1: #

After you log in to Leadzpipe, click ‘Engage’ and then select Leads option from the dropdown.

Step 2: #

Now you need to click the import leads button, as shown in the image below

Step 3: #

  1. Select the CSV file in which you have stored the leads.
  2. Select the lead source that is from where the lead is generated.
  3. If you want to have all these leads in a tag choose the tag name under which you want those leads.
  4. Select the campaign name if leads are generated from Facebook or leave it.
  5. You then have to give these leads a pipe name. Most preferable is write the campaign name with old at the end.
  6. In this step if your CSV file has leads that is already in leadzpipe then you can choose ‘Overwrite’ option here. Or choose ‘Create New’.

Step 4: Map the csv fields with Leadzpipe fields and click ‘Import Leads’. And voila! You have imported your leads to Leadzpipe 😍 

That was all! Wasn’t it a cakewalk? If you still have any doubts on how to use emails in Leadzpipe, just drop us an e-mail or send us a text by clicking the chat icon. 😊

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