How to Sync Facebook Leads & Integrate with CRM

All you Facebook leads are now able to sync on real time!  Over 76% people forget what they have enquired for when called back 15 mins later. 

So why wait for 15 mins or downloading a CSV to get access to those leads, Get them in Real Time! 

Before getting started the most important step before getting started is to create an Welcome Email if you haven’t created one. Click here to get started.

Here is how you can Sync Leads from Facebook Lead Forms using Leadzpipe –  #

Step 1 – Select a Source ‘Facebook lead form’ and a Destination where you would like to send the leads

Step 2 – If you want to sync you Facebook Leads to a CRM, follow the below steps

1. Select or Add you Facebook Account.
2. Select Your Facebook Page.
3. Select Your Facebook Form.
4. Select Or Create a new Tag Name.
5. Type a new Pipe Name.
6. In this step you have to map form fields to leadzpipe. If your first form field is FirstName then on the right side first field should be FirstName. You can also create a Custom Field if you don’t have any matching options in the dropdown option on the right side.

Step 3 – After completing the above steps now you have to connect Leadzpipe with your CRM. Follow the below steps
1. After Selecting or Creating a new Tag Name and Pipe Name you have few more things to do.
2. Connect your CRM Account now with leadzpipe.
3. After adding your account you have to choose the action as create lead.
4. Now again you have to map fields like we did above. For FirstName choose FirstName. Here you dont have to create custom fields.
(You can also check the connection between leadzpipe and your CRM by clicking on the ‘Test Connection’ button.

Step 4 – Set up Instant Lead Notification & Send an Instant Welcome Email to your Leads.


Sit back 😎 and relax 🧘🏻‍♂️ while the leads and conversions start rolling into your account 📈

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