How to Connect or Disconnect a Facebook Ad account

In case you wish to Disconnect an existing connected Facebook Ad Account from where you are syncing leads follow the step below –

Step 1 – #

Click on Sync Dropdown

Step 2 – #

Click on Sources

Step 3 – #

Click on Disable or Disconnect a Facebook Ad Account.  

Important NOTE – #

Check your Active Pipes from where the leads might be getting SYNCED before DISABLING or DISCONNECTING an active Facebook Ad account! 

To disconnect a facebook account in leadzpipe click here.

We hope that you understood the easy-peasy process of disconnecting Facebook Accounts in Leadzpipe through the steps mentioned above. But still, if you are facing any difficulty in creating it😓 Please ping us on the Live Chat or Email us.
We are always happy to help you😊

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