How to sync leads from a Landing Page

The most important step before getting started is to create an Welcome Email if you haven’t created one. Click here to get started.
Follow the below-given steps to sync leads from your Landing Page to Leadzpipe-

Step 1:  #

Log in to Leadzpipe.

Step 2: #

In order to sync leads, you’ll need to create a pipe. Click ‘Create Pipe’ in the top right corner. 

sync leads from a Landing Page

Step 3: #

If you are using WordPress or any other website builder select the option Web Form. After that select the option Leadzpipe from the right side if you don’t have a CRM.
If you do have a CRM select the list of options from the right panel.
If you wish to sync your leads to a google sheet select the option google sheet from the right panel and click here.

sync leads from a Landing Page

Step 4:  #

Paste the URL of your landing page ‘it should be with https’ ‘also the website should have a form’ and click ‘Scan’. Only keep the fields for which you want to record data and delete the rest.

Select or Create a new Tag from the leadzpipe section. A tag helps you organize your leads. When you are running multiple campaigns with the same objective, a tag will help you bring all those campaigns under one tag.

After selecting a tag, you’ll need to name the pipe. A pipe name should ideally be the campaign name.

sync leads from a Landing Page

Step 5:  #

If your first field is Email than your first field in the Leadzpipe section should be Email. If you don’t find a proper match for a field you can create an ‘custom field’ from the dropdown on the Leadzpipe section.

Be very careful in this step or you leads wont get synced properly on leadzpipe.

sync leads from a Landing Page

Step 6:  #

Select the lead recipients. Here, you can add multiple email ids to which the leads will be sent in real-time. 

After that, you’ll need to select a welcome E-mail. If you have already created welcome Email templates, you can select one from the drop-down menu.

After that, all you need to do is click the ‘Finish’ button, and voila! You have created a pipe and just a few steps away from setting up lead sync.

sync leads from a Landing Page

Step 7: #

Go to ‘Sync” then ‘My Pipes’. There you’ll find the pipe you’ve just created. Now, click ‘Embed Code’ just below your pipe’s name.

sync leads from a Landing Page

Step 8:  #

Copy the ‘Embed Code’ and paste it into the body of your landing page.

Now, after you save the changes you’ll have to come back to your pipe and click ‘verify’.

And finally, you have created lead sync between your Landing Page Form and Leadzpipe.

We hope that you understood the easy-peasy process of creating a pipe in Leadzpipe through the steps mentioned above. But still, if you are facing any difficulty in creating it😓 Please ping us on the Live Chat or Email us.

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