How to Manage Leads inside Leadzpipe

Leadzpipe has a robust lead management system that can replace your Excel and probably your CRM too! Most people buy expensive CRM tools but eventually land up never using them! Because they are complicated to manage, update and use to follow up and convert customers with ease and speed! 

Leads synced through your Facebook or Google Ad campaign can be managed inside leadzpipe’s robust Excel like CRM! 

You can find leads by source, keywords, campaigns and also follow-up with them to convert them through leadzpipe itself! 

This doc will cover the following things – 

  • Adding new lead
  • Importing leads
  • Deleting leads
  • Changing a lead status / Multiple leads
  • Customize lead details
  • Download leads
  • Filter leads

Adding New Lead #

1. Select ‘Engage’ and select ‘Leads‘ from the dropdown.
2. Click + button to add a new lead & fill all required fields

Importing Leads #

1. Select ‘Engage’ and select ‘Leads‘ from the dropdown.
2. Click On Import Lead Icon

Choose CSV File
Select the lead source that is from where the lead is generated.
If you want to have all these leads in a tag choose the tag name under which you want those leads.
Select the campaign name if leads are generated from Facebook or leave it.
You then have to give these leads a pipe name. Most preferable is write the campaign name with old at the end.
In this step if your CSV file has leads that is already in leadzpipe then you can choose ‘Overwrite’ option here. Or choose ‘Create New’.

Map Fields

Deleting Leads #

1. Select ‘Engage’ and select ‘Leads‘ from the dropdown.
2. Select a lead or multiple leads
3. Click Delete Button

Change the Lead status of Multiple leads at the same time #

(this saves the crazy amount of time and effort, a rare feature for a lead management system to have) 

Select ‘Engage’ and select ‘Leads‘ from the dropdown.
Select the leads you want the change the lead status for.
Click on the flag icon to change lead status.
Select the appropriate lead status.
Click Save.

Change the Lead status of Single leads #

Select ‘Engage’ and select ‘Leads‘ from the dropdown.
Click on any leads Lead Status Column & click on the edit button to change the status of the lead.

Customizing Lead Details #

Every unqualified contact that you collect from different sources becomes a lead and probably a prospective customer for the business. Follow-up with leads check the lead history, edit details, updating an activity.

Select ‘Engage’ and select ‘Leads‘ from the dropdown.
Click on a lead name to get lead information

Note/Reminder tab is for adding a new activity.
Edit tab is to edit user details.

In the Note/Reminder Tab you can Adding New Activity / follow up / comment or lead updates.

Download Leads #

Need to download leads captured in Leadzpipe you can follow these easy steps to get your CSV.
1. Select ‘Engage’ and select ‘Leads‘ from the dropdown.
2. Select leads
3. Click export leads icon shown in the image below.
4. Save

Filter Leads  #

Select ‘Engage’ and select ‘Leads‘ from the dropdown.
A user can filter leads using our advance search-based filter, you can filter leads by their source, lead status, campaign, activity, pipes etc. 

Hope the above article helped you understand all the features of robust Excel like Lead Management System! 

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