How to Connect LeadzPipe to WordPress Site

Many people use WordPress for building their website and CMS system, now you can connect your WordPress website pages to sync leads from web-form, lead forms all you can get in real-time! 

The most important step before getting started is to create an Welcome Email if you haven’t created one. Click here to get started.
Here is how you can Sync Leads from WordPress Website Forms using Leadzpipe – 

Step 1: #

Choose Source ‘Web Form’ And Desired Destination where you want to send leads

Step 2: #

  1. Enter you Website Address including https. Keep the forms fields you want and remove the rest.
  2. Select or Create a new Tag Name.
  3. Type your Pipe name it can be anything related to the website.
  4. If your first field is Email than your first field in the Leadzpipe section should be Email. If you don’t find a proper match for a field you can create an custom field from the dropdown on the middle section.

Step 3: #

Select the lead recipients. Here, you can add multiple email ids to which the leads will be sent in real-time.
To set up Welcome Email click here.

Step 4: #

After continuing you will a screen like this. You have to click ‘Copy the code’.

Step 5: #

Open WordPress Admin And Click Pages.
Here you will have to select your main website page.

Step 6: #

Paste Tracking Code From Step 4 Under Body.

Step 7: #

Now go to the leadzpipe Welcome Page and select ‘Sync’ and then select ‘My pipes’ from the dropdown.

Step 8: #

Now click on Verify on the Pipe you have created. If you have successfully placed the code by following the above steps you will get a success pop up.

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