How to check Campaigns on Leadzpipe

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If you want to know while campaign is more successful than other campaign you will have to create a CSV file and have to create reports to figure out the best lead generating campaigns. But then too you won’t get 100% accurate data. To reduce this time consuming work Leadzpipe has a feature that shows all your campaigns together and groups them under ‘Facebook’ if the leads are generated from Facebook or ‘Google’ if the leads are generated from web forms.

In this article you will learn how to check campaign data in Leadzpipe by following this simple steps:

Step 1: #

Login to Leadzpipe. Click on ‘Engage’ and select ‘Campaigns’ from the dropdown.

Step 2: #

In the First Section in the image below you can check the campaigns according to ‘Facebook’ and ‘Google’.
You can also Filter the Campaigns according to the filter options on the right side as shown in the image.
If you want to see list of ‘Facebook Campaigns’ you can click on Facebook and you will get all the Facebook campaigns that is being added in Leadzpipe.
The same method can be followed for ‘Google’.

I hope you learned how to check campaigns in Leadzpipe as it’s an important option to create reports and take marketing decisions based on the data. If you have any problems inside Leadzpipe click the chat icon and you will get an instant answer from our experts.

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