How to Upgrade/Downgrade Plan

Leadzpipe offers two plans: Sync and Engage, to which you can subscribe a plan with a lead Limit on a monthly or yearly basis. In this section, let’s take a look at how you can change your Leadzpipe Plan.

To upgrade or downgrade from an existing plan, #

Click on the Profile icon and Upgrade Section.

Choose the number of Leads you wish to Sync.
On the Plan page, hover and select your expected lead on monthly basis and click “choose plan”.

Understand the Difference in the Plans –  #

Choose wisely between Sync and Engage plan depending upon what type of features you need! 
If you need Features like –

  • Instant Welcome Emailer
  • Lead Management
  • Facebook Ad Campaign Dashboard 
  • Auto Failure Re-Sync


Add your Card and Upgrade your account – #

Confirm your action by paying for the subscription.

Here are the things that are included in all the Plans no matter which plan you choose – #

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