How to add a user in Leadzpipe

You can add your teammates to Leadzpipe. 

Let’s see how you can add users by following the 4 easy steps-

Step 1 #

Click on the Profile icon on the top right corner. 

Step 2 #

Now click on USERS from the dropdown.

Step 3 #

Now click on the “+” icon. 

Step 4 #

Now add all the information in the fields given below.

While filling the form you’ll need to select “Access Rights” for the user. This means you can give Limited Access to the users. There are five types of USER ACCESS which you can give, they are-

  • Pipes – Here the user can create pipes for you! This access could be given to your execution team, where their job is to simply execute the tasks given by you. They can also add recipients to whom the email will be sent of Leads, Monitors and Triggers.
  • Leads – Here the user will have access to the data of the leads generated through your Facebook Lead Generation campaigns. This access could be given to the Sales team. The user can also import leads in excel files or add leads manually.
  • Campaigns  Here the user has the access to Monitor the parameters of Campaigns like Leads, Cost per lead, Amount Spent etc.
  • Users  Here the user will have the access to editing the information and access rights of a user. Also, he will have permission of adding a new user into the system.
  • Settings  Here the user will have access to the API and the Access Token. This access could be given to your developer or a technology -savvy guy.

You can further limit the user access by defining which ‘Tags’ they will have access to. All you need to do is click the ‘All Tags’ field and select the tags you want the user to access.

And that’s it, now you just need to click on the “Add user” button and the user will be added. 🥂

So why don’t you create your First User and start your journey with Leadzpipe. Just Click Here to get Started.

We hope that you understood the easy-peasy process of creating a user in Leadzpipe through the steps mentioned above. But still, if you are facing any difficulty in adding a user😓 Please ping us on the Live Chat or Email us.
We are always happy to help you😄

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